Four Amazing Total Body CrossFit Exercises

By: Kari Ann Levine

Fitness results take time. There is no way around this. However, there are certain types of exercises we can do to accelerate our results.

orangeIf you’re looking for the most effective way to slim, tone, and strengthen your entire body, then look no further than this list of full body CrossFit exercises!

  1. Rowing is the perfect crossbreed between cardio and strength training. Not only does rowing even a short distance get your heart racing, but each pull requires a huge burst of energy in the legs, core, and arms. As a result, this exercise doesn’t just tone your muscles, but it strengthens your heart and lungs as well!
  2. The ultimate full body workout can be found in Olympic Weightlifting. (Don’t worry, spandex leotards are not required!) Each Olympic lift — the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch — requires coordinated strength, power, and balance amongst every muscle group in the body. In less than half a second, even just one lift uses a tremendous amount of muscular and neurological energy. A good OLY session will make you sweat, send your heart rate flying, and leave you sore in places you didn’t even know you had!
  3. If you want to train all markers of athletic capacity at once — strength, stamina, coordination, balance, accuracy, flexibility… the list goes on — wall balls are your one stop shop! This exercise has a weighted medicine ball squat, an overhead press, and challenges you to throw that heavy ball up into the air, hit a target, catch it, and then do the whole thing over again! You haven’t felt that hurt-so-good pain until you’ve done a wall ball workout!
  4. Usually when we think of pushups we think arms and chest, right? Wrong! This incredibly simply, no equipment needed exercise also works the core, thighs, and back. During a pushup the body must remain in a plank position, which in itself is an awesome full body exercise! Factor in the arm dipping and pressing of the pushup and we’ve got ourselves a head-to-toe toning triple threat!

Truth be told, these exercises are only a fraction of all the full body exercises we do at CrossFit Surf City. In fact, all of our exercises promote full body fitness!

If you’re looking for head-to-toe results, surf on over to CrossFit Surf City, where we dish up full body fitness on the daily! Give us a call or click here to get started! 714-653-2212