How to Be the Expert of Your Own Body

By: Kari Ann Levine

orangeOur bodies are a continual work in progress. Especially when it comes to mobility and flexibility. Luckily we live in our bodies 24/7, which means we always have all the information to know just what our bodies need to heal and repair themselves.

Simply by paying attention to our soreness, tightness, aches, and pains, we can determine what areas of our bodies need the most attention. Then, with a bit of research on YouTube, talking with our coaches at CrossFit Surf City, and a little trial and error, we can prescribe a ourselves a series of mobility exercises that most benefits us.

It may take some time to come up with the perfect mobility program. But don’t get discouraged, because when you find out something doesn’t help (or even in some cases, makes things worse), this is not a failure. It is simply another clue that will lead you to the exercise that works for you.

At CrossFit Surf City, we advocate for taking our health and wellness into our own hands and empowering ourselves to be the experts of our own bodies. Start experimenting this week at the gym by spending fifteen minutes before or after class stretching and self-massaging some of the areas that cause you trouble.

If you need a little inspiration of where to start, here is an exercise that has been benefiting me lately. Start with the two mobility exercises in this video and see where it leads you. The body is an integrated system, so working into one area will naturally lead you to another.

Have fun with it! Your body will thank you!