Membership Contest to Close Out 2020

Realtor Orange County Huntington Beach

Mike Rains – The winner of our Q3 2020 Membership Contest

We wanted to announce a new contest designed to reward active participation in everything that we know keeps the group healthy. We will be tracking this on a weekly basis and on the last Thursday of each month we will announce the winner of a $100.00 cash prize sent to you via Venmo or Google Wallet, all of which are free to sign up for.

  • 3 for an external lead
  • 3 for bringing a guest to the meeting
  • 2 points for internal Lead
  • 1 point for Reviews
  • 1 point Attendance

Best of luck to everyone, we’re excited to announce our first winner but, of course, if everyone is participating we will ALL be winners!

***NOTE: this contest STARTS IMMEDIATELY but ends on December 31st, 2020!