Ron Budd: most business leave this amazing tax rebate on the table!

Ron Budd, R & D Tax Credits, Orange County, CA

Ron Budd, R & D Tax Credits, Orange County, CA

Don’t make the same mistake!

We have over 15 years of experience in the R and D Tax Credits.

Wall Street Journal – 95% of businesses out there who could qualify don’t take advantage of these tax credits.

There are 3 main reasons:

  1. The business owners have never heard of R & D Tax Credits
  2. They expect their CPA to have the expertise but due to the complex nature of it and the specialized software that is unlikely
  3. The assume that they don’t qualify and thus take themselves out of the running

Business Group Resources has over 100 sales reps in states across the country. We have helped business owners recover over $50,000,000.00

What kind of businesses qualify for R & D Tax Credits?

Originally the program was devised by the government to incentivize people who build and design new products. But over time the law has been expanded to also include people who are developing new processes for their own businesses, Doctors and dentists who are creating developing new diagnoses and procedures or investing in more modern equipment for their offices; Manufacturing company’s who are designing new processes and products; now even computer and computer science related companies can qualify.

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