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Personal Injury Attorney Orange County

Don Sjaarda, our Personal Injury Attorney based in Fountain Valley but serving all of Orange County, told us about a trend that he is noticing in many accident cases that he is seeing: the person causing the crash often doesn’t have enough insurance coverage, even if they have the mandatory limits, to cover the cost of an injured person’s medical expenses and other damages. California drivers are allowed to buy liability insurance limits as low as $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident. With the rising cost of medical care these limits are rarely enough to cover the damages.

Even in cases like this, where the person at fault doesn’t have enough coverage, there may be a remedy that Don has available.

What followed was Don’s detailed description of the complex legal procedure in which the insurance company is given clear evidence that the claim is worth more than the policy limits. If they refuse to settle, Don will file a lawsuit and take the case to trial. If the judgment is more than the policy limits, the insurance company will have to pay the full amount of the judgment or face a bad faith suit from its policy holder.

The results can’t be guaranteed but if you find yourself in the circumstance of having been hit by a motorist who’s coverage doesn’t cover the expenses that you’ve incurred through no fault of your own call Don for the details.

This, of course, segued in to a conversation about uninsured-motorist coverage. Don pointed out the importance of this insurance and said that carrying $500,000 or more is fairly inexpensive. He explained that your recovery doesn’t have to be limited by the other driver’s policy limits if you plan ahead by purchasing higher uninsured-motorist coverage on your own policy.

Remember that consulting with Don is always free: he works on a contingency only taking cases he believes have a good chance of winning at which point he collects his fee. There is, then, no downside in talking to him about your case.

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