Top 20 Ways to Damage Your Criminal Case

  1. Skip bail.
  2. Move, but don’t tell anyone.
  3. Change telephone numbers, but don’t tell anyone.
  4. Talk about your case on Facebook.
  5. Talk about your case on jail telephones.
  6. Get arrested for something new while your other case pending.
  7. Don’t pay your lawyer.
  8. Fail a drug test.
  9. Lie to your lawyer.
  10. Talk to police.
  11. Hire the Wrong Lawyer
  12. Searching the Pennysaver to find an attorney.
  13. Dress guilty.
  14. Consenting to a search.
  15. Play lawyer.
  16. Be Late.
  17. Write The Judge.
  18. Berate the Judge.
  19. Get Legal Advice From Inmates.
  20. Contact Victims.
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