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Personal Injury Attorney Orange County

Don Sjaarda, Donald S. Sjaarda, A Professional Corporation

Personal Injury Attorney Orange County

Our practice is devoted exclusively to the prosecution and trial of California personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Since 1979, we have vigorously and ethically represented people seriously injured in accidents to obtain full and fair compensation for their injuries. We prepare each case for trial while also making use of alternative dispute resolution and settlement skills to achieve the most favorable result for our clients at the best possible stage.  We ensure that our clients' injuries are fully cared for and our clients' rights are fully protected.

We pursue automobile, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian cases with favorable liability, traffic collision reports, independent witnesses, photographs and other documentation of the facts.  Medical and epidemiological research has shown that vehicle damage is of little importance in determining the injury potential of a collision and we welcome cases with serious injuries even if the property damage is not severe. When appropriate, we employ engineers and accident reconstructionists to assess vehicle dynamics and to calculate relevant speeds and distances; we use economists, accountants and vocational rehabilitation specialists to calculate loss of earnings and loss of earning potential; and we use medical experts to assess the injuries and determine appropriate medical care.

We accept slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident cases where there is an independent witness, prompt reporting of the accident, and notice of an unsafe condition.  We can establish notice by proving the property owner or manager's prior knowledge of the unsafe condition or negligent failure to inspect for unsafe conditions. We employ engineers, contractors and municipal code experts to determine the existence of unsafe conditions.

We represent people injured by dangerous products, whether the incidents occur in a factory, at a construction site, in a public place or in the home. We use engineers and scientists to carefully examine and test the products to determine the cause of any design or manufacturing defect. We also represent persons seriously injured at sea and on inland waters, in refinery accidents, passenger train accidents, assaults, dog bites, firearms accidents, and elevator accidents.

We value clients who will listen to our advice, follow instructions, make their doctor's appointments without oversight, respond promptly and fully to written questions, express themselves clearly, and conduct themselves honorably.

Above all, we seek to treat our clients well.  We provide caring and competent service, keeping in mind that our clients often do not come to us with a full understanding of the workings of the legal system.  We are direct and candid with our clients concerning the potential outcome of their cases, the procedures necessary to obtain full compensation, and our recommendations for the best course of action. We view the prosecution of a personal injury case to be a mutual effort and we pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to our clients' needs as we champion their causes.

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Don Sjaarda Tel: (714) 963-8216 Fax: (714) 964-5597 Centennial Plaza 18837 Brookhurst Street Suite 107 Fountain Valley, CA 92708-7301

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