Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS talks about TMJ & the American Equilibration Society…

Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS talks about TMJ & the American Equilibration Society. Dr. Yamamoto is an expert at bite adjustment until your bite is comfortable. Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS, MAGD 714-847-9900 drmzy7@gmail.com www.markyamamotodental-tmj.com

Dentist Huntington Beach – Dr. Mark Yamamoto

Dr. Mark Yamamoto was on hand to discuss the latest innovations in dentistry, a profession that he has practiced for over 40 years. He related to us that while dental implants have been the most important technological advance in dentistry new products continue to be introduced. He told us about the new E-Max crowns that […]

TMJ Dentist Huntington Beach, Orange County, California – Mark Yamamoto, DDS

If you’re looking for an expert TMJ Dentist Huntington Beach, Orange County, California then call Mark Yamamoto, DDS at 714-847-9900. Dr. Mark has been a general dentist for over 41 years. He has over 4,000 hours of continuing education. He even has a license to teach continuing education for dentists. Good dentists must all master […]

Mark Yamamoto – Dentist – Huntington Beach, CA

Mark Yamamoto is a dentist in Huntington Beach, CA. He attended Loyola High School, went to Loyola College and trained as a dentist at Loyala Dental School. He specializes in TMJ treatment and showed us the results of a recent case he treated. He adjusted this patients bite by adding material because her teeth were […]

Plumbing Orange County & TMJ Dentist Orange County

Thanks to: Marc Winger, Zephyr Networks; Jim Duncan, AIM Mail Center; And Val Schepens, Mike’s Auto Service, for bringing in our guests this week, an estate planning attorney, esthetician, and small business bank. First table topper: Penny Lambright, Clutter Cleaners. Penny has been in the organization and cleaning business for ten years, and joing Le […]

July 10th Meeting

Kathy Ahluwalia of Beach Trend promotional products brought in a guest this week, Carlos, who was representing long-term health care insurance. Carlos, we hope you enjoyed the meeting and will be back with us soon. Our first table topper was Judy Bartel, who brought Wallace, an independent driver for Alex Moving & Storage. Wallace brought […]

Beautiful Jewelry and Awesome Equipment Leasing

At today’s regular meeting, we had two table toppers: Jim Duncan of AIM Mail Center and Dr. Mark Yamamoto, DDS. Jim talked about the 11th Annual “Working Scholars” award program to recognize young people who are not only excellent students but hold down a job while in school. Dr. Mark (who has over 4,000 hours […]